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Lady Absinthe Fountain Set
Absinthe Fountain Set has the most extensive collection of complete absinthe fountain sets and accessories on the internet. All sets include fountain, glasses, spoons & sugar cubes at the cheapest prices. Everything you need for that unforgettable Absinthe Party at one low price. We will lead you to the perfect "L'heure verte" or Green Hour.

You'll find impeccable reproductions of 18th century marvels cast in Nickel, Stainless, Gold and Silver, sparkling mouth-blown borosilicate glass Absinthe Fountains and the rarest one of a kind pieces; All certain to capture your imagination as they have ours.
So please, sit back and wander through our pieces to discover our splendid collection of rarities and treasures as the Absinthe Fountain slowly drips to beckon the elusive Louche out of hiding.

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Deluxe Absinthe Fountain Set
Enjoy the Green Fairy with the mouth blown, Deluxe 4 Spout Absinthe Set. Set includes a gorgeous 4 faucet, mouth-blown Absinthe fountain produced using Borosilicate glass (Not the less expensive alternative Soda-Lime Glass).

Extremely high resistance to both temperature and breakage along with its light weight make this fountain ideal as a portable. Includes 4 Absinthe glasses, 4 spoons, sugar cubes, illustrated instructions and FREE SHIPPING.
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 Borosilicate Glass Fountain Set
Metal Absinthe Fountain Set
The Bistro 4 Spout Absinthe Fountain is a custom made replica of those used during the Belle Epoque. All metal pieces are hand cast, turned and molded lending it a beautifully antique look. The thick glass bowl is mouth blown with an intricately cut design around its base. This style can be entirely disassembled so cleaning is a snap. Set will include 4 glasses, 4 Absinthe Spoons, sugar cubes and complete instructions for preparing the perfect louche.

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 Metal 4/6 Spout Absinthe Fountain
Rozier Fee Absinthe Fountain Set
The Green Fairy will love the beautiful 4 Spout Rozier Fee Absinthe Fountain Set produced from borosilicate glass. Mouth-blown with a most unique serrated, opalescent blue base and fairy at its top. Set includes 4 glasses, 4 spoons, sugar cubes and diagrammed instructions for preparing the perfect louche. Imported From Germany. 18 in. tall with top, 8 in. table to spouts, holds 1200 ml.

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 Borosilicate Glass Absinthe Fountain

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Un Aquitaine Single Spout Fountain
The Un Aquitaine Single Spout Fountain is designed to have it's top bowl filled with ice. When water is poured through, it is chilled to perfection! As the ice in the top melts, it keeps the bottom bowl cold.

Fountain set includes 2 absinthe glasses, 2 absinthe spoons, sugar cubes, illustrated instructions and Free Shipping. Imported from Germany. 21 in. tall, 8 in. table to spouts, holds 1800 ml (900 ml x 2)

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 Un Aquitaine Glass Fountain Set
Strong Absinthe

Absinthe Lady Green Fairy Lamp
The Absinthe Lady Green Fairy Lamp is completely hand crafted. Metal base holds beautiful shade containing emerald colored glass and stones. Includes 40W bulb. Makes a beautiful addition to any table or desk. 14 in.

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 Lady Absinthe Lamp Tiffany Style
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Things To Remember When Buying An Absinthe Fountain

You'll probably notice there are many different styles of absinthe fountains. They come in both all glass and metal and glass styles. But what most people aren't aware of is that they also come in different levels of quality. For example, you can buy an all glass fountain starting at around $60 and going all the way up to $200. So what's the difference?

With all glass fountains the major difference you'll see is the type and quality of the glass. The less expensive fountains are usually made with called soda lime glass. Soda lime glass is very strong and is the type you'll see used for most drinking glasses for household use. The problem is when soda lime glass is used to make larger pieces, it tends to become brittle and easily breakable. So when you have an 18 or 20 inch fountain completely made of soda lime glass, it won't be as strong as the glass used in premium fountains known as borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass, as you may know, is the glass used for scientific and laboratory type glassware like test tubes and beakers. It is extremely strong and has a very high resistance to temperature and impact. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with fountains made of soda lime glass. But the first time you bump it on your sink while filling it, it will likely be the end of your fountain. Another problem with inexpensive all glass fountains is that often the spigots are not symmetrically placed. I'm not certain why this is but I have never seen a borosilicate fountain with non-symmetrical spigot placement.

With metal and glass fountains, the major differences are design quality, detail and thickness of the metal. The fountain bowl on metal and glass fountains is usually soda lime glass. Because the glass bowl has both a top and bottom metal rim to strengthen it, soda lime glass in this case is not a problem. With lower quality fountains, one of the first things you'll notice is the difference in weight. Less expensive fountains are generally 3 to 5 pounds lighter than the higher quality models. A high quality, four spout metal and glass fountain will generally weigh upwards of 10 to 12 pounds. You also notice that on the quality fountains the plating is generally thicker. The thickness of the plate is not a huge issue. Just remember to never polish your metal and glass fountain with any type of abrasive cleaner. Most products labeled "Metal Cleaner or Polish" are very abrasive. Look for one labeled "Silver Polish" as these types of cleaners are generally less abrasive and will leave a protective coating on the metal to prevent further oxidation.

Metal & Glass vs All Glass Absinthe Fountains

All Glass Absinthe Fountains are much lighter and more portable than the metal and glass style. They come in any number of spout styles (1, 2, 4 and 6 spout) and require very little to no maintenance. They are also less expensive than the Metal & Glass Style. Some people are afraid to buy an all glass absinthe fountain fearing it will be easily broken. This is not true of glass fountains made correctly and of the proper glass. Look for an absinthe fountain that is made of borosilicate glass......Read More

What causes the “Absinthe Effect”?

This is a very good question. The source of the absinthe effect has been considered since the introduction of this magic elixir in the 1700’s. There is actually still a debate over whether or not the absinthe effect truly exists. I can tell you that I have experienced the absinthe effect and continue to do so on a regular basis. It is known that more than one herb used in the production of absinthe exhibits psychotropic properties. Psychotropic substances effect the CNS (central nervous system) to alter brain function. Such alterations can manifest as changes in mood, perception, consciousness and behavior…..Read More

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